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HT8910 PRIME-PLC Powerline Transceiver

General Description

The HT8910 is a Power Line Communications (PLC) System-on-Chip (SoC) that implements a full OFDM PLC Modem compatible to the latest PRIME specifications (PoweRline Intelligent Metering Evolution). It includes an MCU based on an enhanced 8051 CPU, hardware support units for the Medium Access Controller (MAC) and a Modem circuit for Power Line medium.

The inherent reliability of OFDM technology provides substantial improvement in PLC network and communication performance over other low-cost communication methods. The HT8910 is the ideal basic communications element for a wide variety of PLC networking applications.

The HT8910 integrates an enhanced 8051 core, large data SRAM, and embedded Flash sufficient to support PRIME MAC, PRIME CL432 Convergence Layer and IEC 61334-4-32 LLC Layers. In addition to the SoC, Hitrend offers optimized PRIME software stacks and development kits as well as implementation support.

The HT8910 comes with LQFP64 package and its ambient operating temperature range is -40℃~85℃ideal for industrial applications.

The certification information about HT8910,
please refer to the PRIME Alliance website :http://www.prime-alliance.org/?page_id=2347

Applications / Uses

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