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M0 Kernel/128K Flash MCU

Product overview
       HT6X1X series MCU is designed for the new generation of smart meter applications in the country. The kernel uses a ARM Cortex-M0 processor which was highly optimized in size, power consumption, and energy efficiency. The chip is also equipped with 128K Flash, 8K SRAM, power and reset management, clock management, temperature sensor, automatic temperature compensation RTC, LCD driver and other rich IP. Products meet the requirements of the high requirement of State Grid for the MCU device in the function, performance and reliability of the meter. 
      The MCU series is particularly suitable for the national grid meter system, is also suitable for other types of integration, reliability, and accuracy of RTC standby power consumption of high requirements of the industrial control, consumer electronics and other terminal applications. Compared with the traditional 8bit/16bit industrial control MCU, this series has more prominent comprehensive cost performance and platform advantages.

      HT6215, HT6015 two model, respectively, corresponding to the crystal built-in and external 2 RTC clock source program, and has the greatest compatibility, also equipped with 70 GPIO, 6 UART, 7 external interrupt, LCD support 4x37/6x35/8x33 segment, using LQFP80 package.
      HT6017 is equipped with 54 GPIO, 5 UART, 6 external interrupt, LCD support 4x26/6x24/8x22 segment, using LQFP64 package.
      HT6019 is equipped with 37 GPIO, 4 UART, 7 external interrupt, LCD support 4x15/6x13/8x11 segment, using LQFP48 package, SPI, I2C communication and CLKOUT are not supported.
      HT6019B is equipped with 37 GPIO, 3 UART, 7 external interrupt, LCD support 4x15/6x13/8x11 segment, using LQFP48 package, without CLKOUT output, support SPI and I2C communications.
Basic characteristics
       Operating voltage range: 2.2V ~ 5.5V
      Operating temperature range: -40°C ~ 85°C
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