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M0 Kernel/256K Flash Single-phase Metering SoC

Product overview
      HT502X series SoC, as an extension of the HT501X series, is dedicated to the development of a new generation of single-phase smart meter applications. The kernel uses a ARM Cortex-M0 processor which was highly optimized in size, power consumption, and energy efficiency. The chip is also equipped with 256K Flash, 32K SRAM, single-phase EMU, power supply and reset unit management, clock management, temperature sensor, automatic temperature compensation RTC, LCD driver, AES/GHASH/ECC hardware encryption & decryption and other rich IP. Products meet the requirements of the high metering for the MCU/ measuring device in the function, performance and reliability of the meter. 
      This series of SoC, the platform is unified, the model selection is rich, the function is complete, the movement is reliable. Relative to the HT501X series, the series has more prominent comprehensive cost performance and platform advantages, especially in the case of overseas anti-stealing power applications, as well as communication encryption performance is more prominent.

      HT5023 is equipped with 79 GPIO, 6 UART, 7 external interrupt, LCD support 4x43/6x41/8x39 segment, using LQFP100 package, and down compatible HT5013.
      HT5025 is equipped with 59 GPIO, 5 UART, 5 external interrupt, LCD support 4x34/6x32/8x30 segment, using LQFP80 package, SPI, I2C communication is not supported. Down compatible with HT5015.
      HT5027 is equipped with 43 GPIO, 3 UART, 4 external interrupt, LCD support 4x24/6x22/8x20 segment, using LQFP64 package, SPI, I2C communication is not supported. Down compatible with HT5017.
Basic characteristics
      Operating voltage range: 2.2V ~ 5.5V
      Operating temperature range: -40°C ~ 85°C
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