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Product overview
         ATT7022E/26E,HT7038/36 series of multi-function, high performance poly-phase electric energy metering ASIC, using high precision Sigma-delta ADC as measurement input ports. All parameters can be directly read out; peripheral MCU only needs to complete the communication protocol and management procedures for the multi-function watt hour meter. All parameters are directly computed by the internal hardware algorithm, and fully guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the parameters. The series of chips for poly-phase multi-function metering provides complete functions and simple design of application solutions, can fully meet the poly-phase complex rate multi-function watt hour meter design requirements. 
      ATT7022E offers 7 measurements ADC input, support zero line measurement, and direct output of all measurement parameters, gain and phase correction of digital domain, namely pure software calibration, peripheral MCU only needs to complete the multi-function power meter to the management and communication protocol procedures. It provides active, reactive, apparent, fundamental-wave measurement functions, corresponding to the CF1/CF2/CF3/CF4 pulse output, and can be directly connected to the standard table to do error correction. ATT7022E also provides synchronous ADC data of current and voltage, which is convenient for harmonic analysis applications. In addition, it also provides power quality detection, SAG/Peak function, and can also be used for flicker analysis.

      ATT7026E provides 6 channel metering ADC input, and does not provide the fundamental wave function, that is, only CF1/CF2/CF3 pulse output, no ADC synchronous data cache, does not support harmonic analysis, does not support flicker.
      HT7038/36 is a small package model of ATT7022E, using LQFP32, providing 6 channel metering ADC input, providing only CF1/CF2 pulse output. HT7038 does not provide visual and fundamental functions, and no ADC synchronous data cache, no harmonic analysis.
Basic characteristics

      Operating voltage range: 3.0V ~ 3.6V
      Operating temperature range: -40°C ~ 85°C
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