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Single-phase SOC energy metering chip ATT7035AU was awarded the most promising prize of "China Chip"

At the night of 16th December 2011, the election of "China Chip" was ended at Jinan Starwood Hotel. HiTrend's product "single-phase SOC energy metering chip ATT7035AU" was awarded the most promising prize of "China Chip".


"China Chip" is an election sponsored by CSIP and directed by of MIIT. The election of "China Chip" is for the chip product developed by integrated circuit design corporations. The main election standard is the advanced of technology and the market application. The review board constituted by experts in domestic integrated circuit industry will review the products justly and strictly.

The 4th notice in 2011 issued by the State Council clearly claimed the core position of integrated circuit industry. It will create good develop circumstance for the integrated circuit industry and the integrated circuit industry will build the basic of domestic electronic information industry. The "China Chip" products will propel the replacing and upgrading of domestic electronic information unit products.

The linkage between unit product and chip corporation will increase the sales of both unit and chip products. It will also promote and upgrade corporation technology and products. The unit product corporations invest more on development, and enhance its competency of system design, domestic chip application and application software development. It is the premise and basic of long-term development of linkage between unit product and chip corporation.