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HiTrend New Energy-metering Chip Products Promotion Conference (Autumn of 2009)

On 28th October 2009, "HiTrend New Energy-metering Chip Products Promotion Conference " was held in Dongguan Conference and Exhibition International Hotel. The leaders and guests attended the Conference are: Mr. Zeng(Executive Vice President of HiTrend), Mr. Zhang(System R&D Manager), Mr. Jiang(Business Manager), Mr. Liu(Marketing Manager), and representatives from nearly 80 electric meter companies.

Mr. Zeng, the Executive Vice Present of HiTrend

Mr. Zeng, the Executive Vice Present of HiTrend, made a speech: First, HiTrend's turnover has continuously increased more than 30% in the past 2 years, and the three-phase energy-metering chips occupied more than 60% of domestic market. Second, HiTrend is confident to increase the market share of single-phase chips, keep the 30% growth of turnover, and complete the IPO in 2 years. Last, HiTrend will cooperate with all the electric meter corporations to achieve common development and prosperity.

Mr. Zhang, the System R&D Manager of HiTrend

On the conference, Mr. Zhang, the System R&D Manager, announced that HiTrend launched three-phase multifunctional energy-metering chip ATT7022D, single-phase multifunctional energy-metering SOC chip ATT7035/7037, and single-phase multifunctional energy-metering chip ATT7051. The three new products met the State Grid and our guests' requirements in high-precision, high-efficiency, and easy-operation. So as soon as the new products launched, they were welcomed in the industry.

HiTrend prepared advertisement brochure for our guests to know the new products. Further, on the conference, we explained the main technology of the three new products in detail. At last, our guests and technicians made technical communications on the scene.

The guests are listening to the introduction of new products and having heated discussion.

The guests are asking questions.

HiTrend prepared gifts for the supporting from our distributors and electricity meter corporations.

The construction of State Grid brings great opportunities for energy metering market and HiTrend's high-tech products' promotion. The three new launching products can better meet the demands of our customers and the State Grid in energy metering.