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With the development of technology, human pay more and more attention to the adverse effects of technology on environment . Human have recognized the harms that some heavy metal and organic organization to environment and human's health for a long time. The European Union issued the directives of restricting use of certain hazardous substances which are now widely used in electrical and electronic equipments and recycling of waste electronic equipments. They are the famous RoHS and WEEE, known as the Green Products Directives. The products qualified the RoHS are called Green Products.

According to the RoHS, except the products exempted in the directive, all electrical and electronic products enter into the EU, which contain the certain hazardous substances stipulated in RoHS, should be qualified the RoHS. The other countries in the world also issued laws and regulations of restricting use of hazardous substances. In China, the Ministry of Information Industry and other 7 Ministries and Commissions issued (issued in February 28, 2006, referred to as Order 39), and also declared to begin the supervision and restriction of the main hazardous substances from March 1, 2007.

HiTrend always pays attention to the company development and its effect on environment. HiTrend has cooperated with suppliers on the development of Green Products for a long time, and made a full range of test on the products' performance and reliability to ensure that the products can be qualified the requirement for performance, reliability, and customers' applicability. With the cooperation of suppliers, the company has also established a perfect Green Products control chain to guarantee the stable quality and qualification of Green Products.

Our company can supply products fully qualified the EU RoHS. All official launched Green Products and related information please check herein. Further requirements, please call our Technology Support Center or Quality Management Department.