The outstanding human resource supports HiTrend to develop rapidly, HiTrend's HR management policy motivates employees, which includes recommendation rewards, training, pay raising, promotion and performance assessment. HiTrend wishes to attract, keep and inspire every excellent employee.
Salary & Welfare
HiTrend will provide you competitive salary, which includes monthly salary, annual bonus and share option. Besides that HiTrend will also supply insurances, travelling, physical examination, gym and holiday allowances to our employees.
Employees will get orientation training ( including company culture, policies, market strategy, products and projects, technology and manufacturing, and etc.), job training (including professional and technical training from both inside and outside the company), and other management trainings (management strategies and skills).
Promotion & Career development
In HiTrend, employees may have promotion either in profession and management. HiTrend also provides our employees opportunities in many different ways to improve their professional competency and quality, and develop their career.