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Product Review

Hitrend With deep analog and digital technology advantage, leading the domestic smart meter IC industry, to create a series and high low-end coverage of energy metering IC products, as well as power line carrier communication IC products.

Energy metering IC include three-phase series, single-phase series, single-phase metering soc series, all metering functions and performances meet or exceed the State Grid ‘s standard GB/T17215.211 ( IEC62052) , GB/T17215.321 (IEC62053-21) and GB/T17215.323 (IEC62053-23) requirements; can be applied to the 0.2S level of active accuracy and the1s level of reactive accuracy meter; provide the multifunction meters required high-precision electrical parameters and the parameters for harmonic analysis ,have anti-malicious interference with the normal measurement of anti-theft mode, greatly facilitates the energy meter R & D design and production; the SOC IC provides a single chip solutions, including the various functions required for power meter module and driver, can greatly save development costs and cycle.
Power Line Carrier Communication products are mainly single-carrier BPSK and multi-carrier OFDM modulation and demodulation series, as well as with OFDM modulation and demodulation chip Analog Front End IC Series. All products comply with IEC 61000-3-8 requirements ,the frequency range is 9 ~ 500KHz,according to the complexity of the power line transmission environment to optimize the design of the physical layer against the noise immunity and adaptive transmission mode switching design, greatly increasing the power line for data transmission robustness. All PLC products are the SOC chip, including the physical layer function modules and the microprocessor module, including the MAC layer, network layer and application layer and a full set of solutions, which can save the R & D costs and development cycle.